Monday, June 19, 2017

Decorative partition wall design from Mack Deleon

Whether you've got an open floorplan or simply want to create more private, cosy spaces in your house the right room divider can make all of the difference. The pictures in this post go well beyond a folding screen and instead use everything from shrubbery to nautical rope to drapes to produce beautiful, unique spaces.
Part art installation, this bright snowflake layout, part partition also has pockets for reading material or other d├ęcor.

No one said a room divider needed to be boring. This pink plush burrow causes it to be a little more enjoyable for kids to share a room.

Installing an entire wall just isn't necessarily a choice. This panel that is big only affixes in a few locations, making installation and removal easy. Additionally, it provides a perfect spot to show art, as you can observe.

This low marble wall also functions as a mount to get a flatscreen and hides an office space.

These luxury beaded drapes would never be found in a dorm.

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Using indoor plants as partitions is a particularly creative and beautiful solution to the room divider issue. These vines climb up ropes to generate an indoor jungle that also divides spaces.

Gauzy white drapes don’t do much to keep out sound, but occasionally the idea of division is enough to create a space more comfortable.

A whole room is truly hidden by this impressive room divider away. Simply fold in the wall and make a cozy reading nook that is perfect. Fold it away for slumber without distraction.

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